The Red Lion

20 Mill End Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire, CB1 9JP

01223 248826


We are offering a Thai takeaway service every Friday and Saturday evening from 5pm - 9pm and our Traditional Sunday Roast every Sunday from 12 noon until 3pm. 

Delivery may be available, please contact us to place your order. 

Sunday Roast -

A choice of Topside of Beef-Roast Loin of Pork- Roast Chicken or Turkey and Roast leg of Welsh Lamb 
Roast and Mashed Potatoes and 5/6 vegetables, Yorkshire Puds and gravy. 

Breakfast -

Breakfast is served from 9am Friday - Sunday

WARM CHORIZO & CHEDDAR CROQUETTES With dressed salad garnish £7.00
HOT SMOKED SALMON & AVOCADO TIAN With fresh lemon cream & salad garnish £7.00
BAKED BABY BRIE (V) With garlic, fresh rosemary, onion chutney & crusty bread £7.00
VEGAN MEZZE PLATE (V, VG) With baba ganoush hummus & toasted pitta £7.00
PAN FRIED BAVETTE STEAK With fries, roasted vine tomatoes & chimmichurri or béarnaise sauce £16.50
ROASTED SALMON FILLET With braised puy lentils, chorizo & a tomato salsa £14.50
CHICKEN SCHNITZEL With mashed potatoes, fried egg & a shallot and caper butter £14.50
BUTTERNUT SQUASH & RED ONION TAGINE (V) With green beans & lightly spiced cous-cous £12.50
PAN FRIED LAMB FILLET KEBAB With flatbread, summer slaw, tomato & feta salad, home-made tzatziki £14.50
HOME-STYLE PANEER OR TOFU AUBERGINE MADRAS (V, VG) With steamed rice, poppadom & aubergine pickle £13.95
TRADITIONAL BEEF & RED WINE LASAGNE With salad & garlic ciabatta £9.50
BEER BATTERED COD, CHIPS & MUSHY PEAS With lemon & tartare sauce £10.95
BREADED WHOLE-TAIL WHITBY SCAMPI With fries, salad, peas & tartare sauce £10.95
CHEESE ‘N’ BACON BURGER Served in a bun (gf available) with relish, burger sauce, salad, red onion & fries on the side £9.00
SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN BURGER With cheese & bacon, topped with red onion, salad, mayo & fries on the side £9.00
MEDITERRANEAN VEGETABLE LASAGNE (V) Roasted summer vegetables in a rich tomato sauce, salad & garlic ciabatta £8.50
5 BEAN CHILLI (V, VG) In a medium hot tomato sauce, with nachos & sour cream £7.50
STRAWBERRY SUNDAE With strawberry & vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce £6.50
BELGIAN WAFFLE With vanilla ice cream, maple syrup & whipped cream £6.50
OREO COOKIES & CREAM STACK With chocolate or vanilla ice cream or double cream £6.50
LEMON ROULADE With vanilla ice cream or double cream £6.50
STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING With ice cream, cream or custard £6.50
Served on thick white, wholemeal or gluten free bread with a salad garnish All £5.00
don’t go bacon my heart brie & bacon with cranberry sauce
plant power (v, vg) roasted vegetables & vegan cheese with houmous
halloooo me! (v) pan fried halloumi, mushrooms & thyme (Not mushrooms in here)
the classic honey roast ham & cheddar cheese with onion & tomatoes
kickin’ chicken cajun chicken & onions with minty yoghurt dressing
the cambridge rarebit on sourdough toast
Crusty filled baguettes with a salad garnish all £6.00
prawn marie rose
steak & onion
roasted veg with feta & houmous (v)
fish fingers & tartare sauce
All £8.50
prawn marie rose
roasted veg with feta & houmous (v)
chicken & bacon
classic ploughman’s
cod, chips & mushy peas served with lemon & tartare sauce £12.95
honey roast ham, double egg & chunky chips served with peas £9.95
whole-tail whitby scampi with fries, salad, peas & tartare sauce £11.95
cheese ‘n’ bacon burger 6oz burger with relish, burger sauce, salad & fries £9.00
veggie burger (v, vg) with or without cheese, served with salad & fries £8.50
mediterranean vegetable lasagne (v) served with salad & garlic bread £8.95
5 bean ( v, g f) OR beef chilli topped with cheese & served with crusty bread £7.95
Fries Halloumi £3.50
Fries £3.50
Sweet Potato Fries £3.50
Onion Rings £3.50
Cheesy Garlic Bread £3.50
fish fingers with chips & peas £4.50
mac 'n' cheese with garlic bread & salad £4.50
chicken strips with mash & beans £4.50
veggie lasagne with garlic bread & salad £4.50
1. VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS Homemade spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce £4.95
2. CHILLI SQUID Homemade squid in batter served with chilli sauce £5.50
3. CHICKEN SATAY Homemade Thai style marinated chicken served with homemade peanut sauce £5.95
4. THAI FISH CAKES Homemade Thai fish cakes served with chilli sauce £4.95
5. PRAWN TOAST THAI STYLE Homemade Thai prawn toast served with hilli sauce £4.95
6. TEMPURA VEGETABLES Lightly battered vegetables served with chilli sauce £4.95
7. TEMPURA THAI PRAWNS Crispy Thai prawns served with chilli sauce £6.50
8. MIXED PLATTER Thai fish cakes, tempura prawns, vegetable spring roll, Chicken satay, prawn toast £6.75
All served with fragrant rice. All served with a choice of chicken, pork, beef, vegetables or tofu. Duck, prawns or seafood £1.50 supplement.
9. RED CURRY With bamboo, aubergine, green beans, basil, red peppers and chilli £11.95
10. GREEN CURRY With fresh basil, bamboo, aubergine, green beans, red peppers and chilli £11.95
11. YELLOW CURRY With potato, onions and tomatoes £11.95
12. PANANG With onion, red peppers, chilli and basil £11.95
13. MASSAMAN With potato, onion, tomato and crushed peanuts £11.95
14. JUNGLE CURRY Hot curry with chilli, vegetables, basil and lime leaves £12.95
All served with fragrant rice. All served with a choice of chicken, pork, beef, vegetables or tofu. Duck, prawns or seafood £1.50 supplement.
15. CASHEW NUT Stir fried garlic, onion, tomato, spring onions, mushrooms, sugar snap and peppers topped with cashew nuts £11.95
16. PAD KAPAO (HOT) Stir with garlic, chili, onion, spring onion, green beans, broccoli and thai basil £11.95
17. PAD OYSTER SAUCE With mushroom, garlic, onion, spring onion, broccoli and sugar snap peas £11.95
Sticky Rice £3.50
Coconut Rice £3.50
Ginger Rice £3.50
Egg Noodles £3.50
Rice Noodles £3.50
Prawn Crackers £3.50
All served with fragrant rice. All served with a choice of chicken, pork, beef, vegetables or tofu. Duck, prawns or seafood £1.50 supplement.
18. PAD THAI Stir fried rice noodles with egg, carrot, spring onion, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and lemon £11.95
19. PAD SEE-EW Stir fried rice noodles, with egg, vegetables and garlic £11.95
20. CHOW MEIN Stir fried noodles, with egg and vegetables £11.95
21. PAD KI-MAO (SPICY HOT) Stir fried rice noodles, with egg, vegetables and chilli £11.95
22. THAI FRIED RICE Stir fried with egg, garlic and vegetables £11.95
23. TOM KHA SOUP Aromatic soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, onion, mushroom, tomato, lime leaves, topped with coriander £11.95