The Red Lion

20 Mill End Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire, CB1 9JP

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Serving Light Bites & Freshly Made Sandwiches 
Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 14:30 

Main Menu & Specials 
Tuesday - Saturday 18:00 - 21:00

Steak & Stuff
Thursdays From 17:00 
A weekly changing menu of fresh, locally sourced homemade dishes

Thai Menu
Friday & Saturday From 17:00

Traditional Sunday Roast 12:00 - 15:00 

Please choose from one of our freshly cut sandwiches. Available on white or wholegrain bread, served with coleslaw and a small side of fries £7.50
The Reuben Swiss cheese, pastrami, sauerkraut with Russian dressing and pickles
Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi (v)
Shelford Sausage & Onion
Brie, Pesto & Tomato (v)
Butternut Squash, Houmous & Avocado (ve)
Tuna Melt with Peppers, Onions & Celery
Smoked Bacon & Brie
Honey Roast Ham & Cheese with cheese or pineapple
Honey Roast Ham, Salad & Mustard Mayo
Smashed Chickpea, Dill Pickle & Salad (ve)
Mature Cheddar, Red Onion & Pickle (v)
Tuna Crunch with Peppers, Onion & Celery
Chicken, Bacon & Avocado with Salad & Mustard Mayo
Homemade Fish Fingers with Tartare Sauce & Salad Leaves
Prawn Marie Rose & Salad
White Bean Salad Pittas (ve) £5.50
Deep Fried Chicken Strips Salad Bowl served with piri piri or Caesar dressing £7.95
Homemade Beef Lasagne with mixed salad and garlic bread £8.25
Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne (v) with mixed salad and garlic bread £7.25
Slow Cooked Beef Chilli topped with cheese, sour cream and nachos £6.50
Five Bean Chilli (ve) topped with vegan sour cream and nachos £6.50
Onion Rings £2.50
House Salad £2.50
Fries £2.50
Pepper Sauce £1.00
Blue Cheese £1.00
Chicken Balti Samosas £7.25
Homemade Cod Goujons with salad and homemade tartare sauce £6.95
Butternut Squash & Harissa Houmous (ve) sundried tomatoes and salad £5.95
Homemade Koftas with tzatziki and salad £6.95
Breaded Mushrooms (v) deep fried with tarragon mayonnaise and salad £5.95
Classic Prawn Cocktail with brown bread and butter £7.25
Beef & Red Pepper Stroganoff with steamed rice and vegetables £8.95
Courgette, Red Pepper & Mushroom Stroganoff (v) with steamed rice and vegetables £7.95
Chicken Breast Wrapped in Pancetta stuffed with cream cheese, spinach and sundried tomato. Served with chips or Dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables £9.95
Five Bean Chilli (ve) with vegan cream and nachos £6.50
Beef Chilli slow cooked, topped with cheese, sour cream and nachos £6.50
8oz Deli Burger loaded with cheese, mustard mayo, burger relish, tomatoes and onions. Served with skinny fries £8.50
Cajun Chicken Burger layered with bacon, cheese and avocado served with skinny fries £8.95
Coconut Curry chicken, vegetable (v) or prawn curry served with steamed rice and Thai style salad £11.50
10oz Sirloin Steak cooked to your liking with mushrooms, tomatoes and peas. Served with chunky chips or dauphinoise potatoes £14.95
Homemade Fish Pie salmon, mussels, prawns and cod in a creamy white sauce topped with mashed potatoes served with seasonal vegetables £9.50
Lamb Fillet pan fried with Greek salad pitta bread and humous £11.95
Whole Tail Whitby Scampy served with chips, peas and salad garnish £9.75
Ham, Egg & Chips honey roast ham, 2 free range eggs with chunky chips £8.50
Spaghetti Bolognese £3.70
Fish Fingers, Chips & Peas £3.70
Sausage, Mash & Hoops £3.70
Mac n Cheese £3.70
Onion Rings £2.50
House Salad £2.50
Fries £2.50
Pepper Sauce £1.00
Blue Cheese £1.00
Add bacon to your burger £1.00
1. VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS Homemade spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce £4.95
2. CHILLI SQUID Homemade squid in batter served with chilli sauce £5.50
3. CHICKEN SATAY Homemade Thai style marinated chicken served with homemade peanut sauce £5.95
4. CHICKEN WINGS Homemade marinated chicken deep fried chicken served with chilli sauce £5.75
5. THAI FISH CAKES Homemade Thai fish cakes served with chilli sauce £5.75
6. PRAWN TOAST THAI STYLE Homemade Thai prawn toast served with chilli sauce £4.95
7. TEMPURA VEGETABLES Lightly battered vegetables served with chilli sauce £4.95
8. TOM YUM SOUP Authentic spicy sour soup served with either chicken, pork, beef, prawn or vegetables £6.50
9. TEMPURA THAI PRAWNS Crispy Thai prawns served with chilli sauce £6.50
10. MIXED PLATTER Thai fish cakes, Tempura prawns, Vegetable spring roll, Chicken satay, Prawn toast £6.75
11. ½ AROMATIC CRISPY DUCK THAI STYLE Served with cucumber, spring onion, carrot,hoisin sauce and 6 pancakes (for two to share). £14.95
Choose from Chicken / Pork / Beef / Vegetables / Tofu / Duck / Prawns / Seafood Note: Duck, Prawns or Seafood - £1.50 supplement
13. RED CURRY With bamboo, aubergine, green beans, basil, red peppers and chilli £11.95
14. GREEN CURRY With fresh basil, bamboo, aubergine, green beans, red peppers and chilli £11.95
15. YELLOW CURRY With potato, onions and tomatoes £11.95
16. PANANG CURRY With onion, red peppers, chilli and basil £11.95
17. MASSAMAN CURRY With potato, onion, tomato and crushed peanuts £11.95
All served with fragrant rice
Choose from Chicken / Pork / Beef / Vegetables / Tofu / Duck / Prawns / Seafood Note: Duck, Prawns or Seafood - £1.50 supplement
18. CASHEW NUT Stir fried garlic, onion, tomato, spring onions,mushrooms, sugar snap and peppers topped with cashew nuts £11.95
19. GINGER Stir fried garlic, onion, spring onion, mushroom and red peppers £11.95
20. PAD KAPAO (HOT) Stir with garlic, chilli, onion, spring onion, green beans, broccoli and Thai basil £11.95
21. PAD OYSTER SAUCE With Mushroom, garlic, onion, spring onion, broccoli and sugar snap peas £11.95
22. SWEET AND SOUR Pineapple, baby-corn, tomato, onion, spring onion and cucumber £11.95
All served with fragrant rice
EGG RICE £3.50
Starter & Main Course for £12.50
Excluding Crispy Duck & Specials
A. SEA BASS STEAMED WITH GINGER Steamed whole seabass with ginger, spring onions, vegetables and coriander £16.95
B. CRISPY CHICKEN Served with ginger rice and sweet chilli sauce £14.95
C. JUNGLE CURRY Hot curry with chilli, vegetables, basil and lime leaves, choice of chicken, beef, prawn, or pork £14.95
D. SEA BASS WITH PANANG CURRY SAUCE Deep fried whole sea bass topped with panang curry sauce £16.95
E. CRISPY SEA BASS WITH THAI HERBS Prepared with kaffir lime leaves, mint, lemongrass, onions, pepper, chilli and cashew nuts £16.95
F. GIANT KING PRAWN WITH GARLIC Stir fried with mixed vegetables and crispy garlic £16.95
G. SPICY SALAD Choice of chicken, pork, beef, prawn, seafood, vegetables or tofu. Thai style salad with onion, tomatoes and chilli, topped with coriander £11.95
H. SPARE RIBS Served with rice or chips £14.95
I. ROAST DUCK WITH TAMARIND SAUCE Served on a bed of crispy egg noodles, tamarind sauce and topped with cashew nut £14.95
J. ROAST DUCK WITH PAK CHOI Served with jasmine rice topped with soy, garlic & gravy sauce £14.95
Choose from Chicken / Pork / Beef / Vegetables / Tofu / Duck / Prawns / Seafood Note: Duck, Prawns or Seafood - £1.50 supplement
23. PAD THAI Stir fried rice noodles with egg, carrot, spring onion, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and lemon £11.95
24. PAD SEE-EW Stir fried rice noodles, with egg, vegetables and garlic £11.95
25. CHOW MEIN Stir fried noodles, with egg and vegetables £11.95
26. PAD KI-MAO (SPICY HOT) Stir fried rice noodles, with egg, vegetables and chilli £11.95
27. THAI FRIED RICE Stir fried with egg, garlic and vegetables £11.95
28. TOM YUM SPICY & SOUR SOUP With lemongrass, galangal, Onions, spring onions, tomato, lime leaves, topped with coriander with a choice of chicken, prawn, seafood or vegetables £11.95
29. TOM KHA SOUP Aromatic soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, onion, mushroom, tomato, lime leaves, topped with coriander with a choice of chicken, prawn or vegetables £11.95